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Water Line Disinfection & Backflow Testing in Ventura, California

At Aqua Tech Services in Ventura, California, we are the experts in water line disinfection and backflow testing. These are things that as a homeowner you need to keep up with, and we are here to help.
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Backflow Testing
This is an annual test that the federal government requires you to complete. A backflow preventer is a check valve that prevents the contamination of the water supply line by stopping water from going backwards into it. We can install this where the waterline comes into the house.

Water Lines, Tanks, & Wells
We offer disinfection and chlorination of water lines, tanks, and wells. Disinfection is required when adding additional water lines to the main water source. We will make sure your water lines are cleaned before they are connected to the main water source.

Additionally, we disinfect well water and water storage tanks and test well water on a monthly basis. Water storage tanks are tested at the discretion of the water purveyor of the city or county.

Fire Hydrant Flow Testing
This is typically done during the construction of the neighborhood. We check the water pressure and make sure everything is working properly before it is put on the line.

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